I have always had an interest in health, nutrition and wellbeing and dreamed of working within the health and fitness industry. So I quit my 9 - 5  job and qualified as a Gym instructor and then went on to become a Personal Trainer. Sadly, this much loved career came to an end when an accident resulted in two surgeries and a year out of action.


My love of Pilates started through my own rehabilitation practice, I was amazed by the results and by how much better my whole body felt. I decided that this was the direction that I wanted my career to take and have studied and qualified as an instructor.

I have so much enthusiasm for Pilates because it is an exercise that can be adapted and modified for everyone of all ages and ability levels. My training has enabled to me to help dancers, rugby players, posture correction, pre and post natal women, people with arthritic conditions and many more. 

Pilates is something that you can be mindful of and practice in everyday life, not just in class.